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OCEAN 3 takes a profit of its knowing in Mechanical & Composites rules of building to design and manufacture its Berthing Systems,Buoyancies, and all other systems based on Energie dissipation and flottability.

Products designed and manufactured by OCEAN 3 are based on following raw materials :


They mainly are cross-linked polyethylen or sometimes Polyurethan foam, according to targeted use. Polyethylen foams are resilient, closed cells to avoid water absorption and are producted either by rolls or blocks. Those elements are glued or thermobounded to constitute monolithic cocon or core, then tooled to requested shape before being encapsulated by tough reinforced polyurethan matrix as here under.


Polyurethanes used in the manufacture of OCEAN 3 Products are PTMEG of polyether glycol type, in a wide range of hardness that provide dynamic properties, low temperature flexibility and hydrolytic stability. They can be casted for  production of technical parts or sprayed as the "matrix" in soft composite coating for Fenders, Buoys and Floats.

Technical Reinforcements

Several kinds are regarded: metallic or synthetic textiles, they are deposited according to building rules of soft composites reinforcement to strenghten the "matrix" and constitute the encapsulating coating for OCEAN 3 Fenders, Buoys and Floats.