OCEAN 3 specialises in the calculation, design and manufacture of customised products generally consisting of foam cores and reinforced polyurethane coatings.

Located on a site with 4200m² to 20000m² in the north of France, OCEAN 3 is focused on strong values such as experience, technical expertise, responsiveness and constant innovation.


Linselles 2 Building

Hall Siège Ocean 3

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Bureau Commercial

These values allow us to calculate and define bespoke applications and specific requirements for our customers.

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Ateliers Ocean 3

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Present on a global level, OCEAN 3 is in touch with many different industries:

  • Port & Naval Authorities (Floating Foam Fenders, Donut Fenders, Mooring Buoys)

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Défenses 06

  • Shipyards, Shipbuilders, Vessel Operators (Pilot Boats, Patrol Boats, Workboats, Windfarm Support Vessels, Crew Transfer vessels, SAR...)

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  • Offshore Industry (Mooring Buoys, Offshore Buoys, Chain Support Buoys, Anchor Pendant, Navigation Buoys).

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Thanks to her Technical Team, OCEAN 3 is beside her Customers